Top Real Money Earning Games for You in 2023: Complete Guide

Money Earning Games

Are you tired of your daily routine life and want to add some fun? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about online money earning games. Not only these games will make your life fun and exciting, but you will also be able to make money out of it. 

So, no matter if you are a working individual who wants to earn some side income or a student who wants to earn money to survive their college life, these games are for you. Are you ready to play games and earn money? Great! So, let’s get to know more about these games. 

What Are Money Earning Games?

What Are Money Earning Games

Money-earning games are basically those games that pay you money if you win the game. These games are also known as “pay-to-win” or “play-to-earn” games. You can easily find various online games that pay you money for playing and winning games. There are various websites as well as Android and iOS applications that have a number of money games. 

Here, you can earn real money or rewards with monetary value as they play. While some platforms might ask you to invest some money, online money earning games without investment are also there. Other than real money, you can also get other gifts like gift cards, merchandise, or direct payments, based on your progress or achievements in the game.

While some platforms are especially dedicated to these games, you can also find other apps, like shopping and fintech apps, that provide rewards and money for playing and winning games. Now, let’s get to know about the games that pay you for winning. 

Top Real Money Earning Games

Top Real Money Earning Games

Do you also want to play games and earn money? Then your search ends here. In this section, we have covered some online game earn money for you. From easy to difficult, all levels of games are here; you can go with any of the games of your choice. Now, let’s get started. 

1. Ludo 

Be it a 5 years old child or a 70 years old senior citizen, Ludo is everyone’s favorite board game. Everyone has some or the other childhood memories of playing Ludo with their friends and family. But with the help of online money earning games, now you earn money by winning ludo games. 

2. Quiz Games

Are you a knowledge geek? Do you think that your IQ and general knowledge is very good? Then, you can use your knowledge and intelligence to play online quizzes and earn money. Here, you get a number of questions, and you just need to give the right answers, and you are ready to get your reward. 

3. Spin and Win Games 

Spin and win games are the easiest to play. In this game, there is a wheel that is parted into different sections, and each section represents a different thing. Now, you need to spin the wheel. Wherever the wheel stops spinning, that is your reward. These games are quite common on shopping apps for discounts. 

4. Word Games 

Do you think your vocabulary is very rich and full of words? Then word games are for you. Here, you get jumbled letters, and you need to make multiple words with these letters. It is a very interesting game. 

5. Puzzle Games 

Well, everyone has their childhood memories of playing puzzle games. Here, you get a big picture in small pieces, and you have to make that picture by assembling those pieces next to one another. But you need to be very cautious because just one wrong placement can ruin the whole puzzle. 

6. Scratch Card Games

Are you looking for the easiest games to earn money? Then scratch card games are for you. You get a card with a reward written on it. You just need to scratch the card to see the reward. These games are quite famous on fintech apps for cashback rewards. 

7. Online Betting  

Do you love sports? Then sports betting is for you. In online sports betting, you just need to predict the winner of the match. If your prediction is right, then you win the prize. There are various kinds of sports where you can place your bets, like cricket, football, tennis, horse racing, etc. 

8. Casino Games

In order to play casino games, you do not need to go to an actual casino anymore. Now, you can play online casino games from the comfort of your house with the help of various websites and applications. Here, you can play various games like blackjack, 3 Patti, and other card games. 

9. Chess 

Chess is the game of the brain. If you are a pro chess player, then here is a brilliant opportunity for you to play chess and win money. Yes, you read it right. Chess is one of the real money earning games that can help you earn some extra income. 

10. Poker 

Poker is all about not letting the others know about you. If you think you have a poker personality, then this is your time to play poker online and win an ample amount of money with this real cash game. 

Things To Consider Before Playing Online Money Earning Games

Things To Consider Before Playing Online Money Earning Games

While money-earning games sound very fascinating, you need to be very cautious while getting involved in these games. Because if you download any unauthorized and fraudulent application on your phone and give your personal information to them, you can even end up losing all your money and personal data. So before downloading any application or registering yourself on any website, make sure that you check the following things. 

1. Legality of Platform 

Before downloading the application on your phone or registering on the website, make sure to research about the particular platform. Before investing your money, check if the platform is legal and certified or not. 

2. Investment Amount 

While you can play some money earning games without investment, most games require investment. So it becomes very crucial to check the minimum amount of money that you need to deposit. Because if the investment amount is out of your budget, you will not be able to earn any money. 

3. Payment Methods and Deposit Time 

Check if the platform accepts multiple payment modes or not. Other than this, it is also important to consider the amount of time the platform takes to deposit money into your bank account. Because some platforms might even take 15 to 20 days or not even allow you to withdraw money before you reach a certain amount of earnings. 

4. Reputation and User Reviews

It is also important to see if the platform is reputed or not. The best way to check the reputation of the platform is through the reviews of previous users. 

5. Terms and Conditions 

We usually agree to the terms and conditions of platforms without even reading them. This can put you in trouble. Because if something happens in the future, you would not be able to say that you were not aware of the conditions. So make sure to read all the terms and conditions before clicking on the agree button.  

6. Available Games 

Last but not least, it is also important to check which money-earning games are available on the platform. Because if you do not like the real cash game and do not want to play it, then you will not be able to make money. 

Best Platforms 

Best Platforms 

In the last section of this article, you will get to know about the platforms that allow you to play real money earning games and make income. All the platforms mentioned below are genuine and reputed. You can invest your money in these applications. 

1. Skillz


When it comes to real cash game, Skillz is one of the most reputed and popular platforms. They have their application for Android as well as iOS phones. The best part is, they have a wide variety and number of games on their platform. So, from Ludo to Poker, you can play any game on their platform to make good money.  

  • Competitive play with a variety of games.
  • Real cash rewards for skilled players in a secure environment.
  • Mobile-friendly app experience.
  • Regular tournaments and events with cash prizes.
  • Earnings can be minimal for less skilled people. 
  • Risk of losing money, as it often requires an entry fee. 

2. Lucktastic 




Are you looking for a platform to play simple scratch card games and win money? Then Lucktastic is the perfect platform for you. On this platform, you get one scratch card every day, and if your cards match after scratching, then you win the prize. You can win $1000, $5000, or even $10,000. This is completely a game of luck and definitely worth trying. 

  • Free to play.
  • Chance to win real money and prizes.
  • Varied scratch card games. 
  • Content updates daily.
  • Winning large prizes is rare and mostly small rewards.
  • Excessive ads on the platform. 

3. Pokerstars 


Do you think that you are a pro at playing poker? Then you can play real money earning games at Pokerstars. In order to play games on this platform, you just need to download their Android or iOS application, register yourself, submit the minimum deposit amount, and you are good to go. It is a certified platform with a good reputation. 

  • Large selection of games and tournaments at all skill levels.
  • Known for reliable software and strong security measures.
  • The rewards program provides incentives for regular players.
  • Offers both play money and real money games.
  • Can be highly competitive and difficult for beginners to win.
  • Has faced legal challenges in some areas, affecting its availability.

4.  Bet365


While the platforms discussed above were purely for games, Bet365 is especially for sports betting and casino games. They even allow you to place live sports bets and have around 60+ casino games on the platform. The website and app interface are also easy to understand and commendable. All in all, it is a good platform to earn money. 

  • Extensive range of betting options across various sports and events.
  • Live streaming of sports matches for in-play betting.
  • High-quality user interface and customer service.
  • Offers bonuses and promotions regularly.
  • Can be addictive with the risk of gambling losses.
  • Restricted in many jurisdictions due to betting laws.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What games can I play to earn money?

There are a number of games that you can play to earn money. Here are some of the examples: 

  • Casino games 
  • Sports betting 
  • Ludo 
  • Puzzle games 
  • Word games 
  • Arcade games 
  • Poker  

Q2. How to play money-earning games? 

In order to play money-earning games, first you need to select the right platform. After this, you need to register yourself on the website and deposit the minimum required amount. Now you can start playing games and earn money. 

Q3. Which is the No. 1 earning app?

It totally depends on the games that you want to play. However, some good apps include Bet365, Skillz, Lucktastic, and Pokerstars. 


All in all, money earning games are a very fun and interesting way to earn money. However, before getting involved in these apps, make sure that you check all the important factors like the reputation of the platform, its legality and certification, money deposit and withdrawal time and threshold, etc. If you have any other queries or confusion, you can reach out to us in the comments section.

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