12 Best Sports Betting Apps in India (Safe & Secure)

Sports Betting Apps

Do you want to have the most out of your entertainment time? If you are also a sports enthusiast and don’t want to waste your time watching others playing, then this article is specially crafted for someone like you. In this article, we are going to figure out the top 12 sports betting apps through which you can get the most out of your sports-watching time. These apps allow you to perform wagering in different sports so that you can bet as per your choice. So without further ado, let’s get started with the list of the top 12 sports betting apps. 

List of Sports Betting Apps: Top 12 

Sports Betting Apps

Here, we are going to present you with a list of the top 12 online sports betting apps. All the apps are full-proof-trusted, and tested by our experts, who are diligently working to provide you with the best reviews for every betting app. You can check the list and find out what sports betting app in India is perfect for your need and suits all your requirements. 

1. Betway 

Sports betting apps betway

Betway is one of the best sports betting apps in India, mostly used by cricket punters. It provides you with the best of the features of a betting site. One can enjoy live streaming and betting option in the game. You can easily bet on the app as the user interface is easy. You will find everything right in front of your eyes. It offers numerous features to entertain its users. You will find almost every kind of feature in the app. It comes with an established name in the country. 

It comes with a huge sportsbook that features almost all the popular sports to bet on. Furthermore, it provides you with the highest of the odds that too are relevant. The best part of using this app is that it offers quite good bonuses and rewards, a welcome bonus, a deposit bonus, and other cashback. Let’s check more of its features, pros, and cons to get a more clear insight into it.    


  • Available for Android and ios
  • Supports Casino
  • Free bet
  • High-end bonuses and rewards
  • Best sportsbooks
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Withdrawal Methods: Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, and more.
  • E-Sports Available


  • User-friendly features
  • Great for live betting
  • Highest sports betting odd


  • Limited promotions
  • Not good for cricket

2. Parimatch


Primatch app is the most used app by Indian bettors and punters. It allows almost every kind of sport to be bet on. It comes with a huge sportsbook library feature. Well, It shows live betting and streaming feature on almost every sport so that one can enjoy betting without the limitation of sports. This app is also helpful in giving tips for betting. You can get into that section easily and know the best way to bet on your favorite sport. 

The range of promotions and bonus codes is there and in a good amount. Parimatch is the app that provides you with the relevant odds. These odds are highly efficient that help most punters in every way. You can claim a high bonus in your welcome; this way, the app attracts most of the users and becomes one of the ideal sports betting apps in India. Let’s check more of the features, pros, and cons to get a better insight into it. 


  • Bonus up to 150%
  • Huge promotions and another reward
  • Huge sportsbook
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Great mobile experience


  • Best betting bonuses
  • Amazing live betting experience
  • Sophisticated betting app


  • Live streaming quality can be improved.
  • A bit difficult to navigate

3. 1xBet App

1xBet App

Do you want an app in which you can bet on almost every sport, then 1xbet would be the perfect fit for you. This app offers a huge bonus and rewards to its new users. Its features are truly high-end that work efficiently too. One can enjoy almost every feature that a wagering app offers. It offers perfect wagering offers to its users. Most of the time, most users end up having so much profit. You can start with the app in such a small amount.  

It offers 24*7 technical support to its users so that they won’t get troubled by any technical glitch. One can have fast cash withdrawals with the app. This way, people enjoy the app so much and make it one of the best online sports betting apps in India. Let’s check more of its features, merits, and demerits to know if the app is for you or not.


  • Bonus upto 100%
  • 120+ betting markets
  • Promo codes available
  • 100+ payment options 
  • Great live betting features


  • Huge sportsbook
  • Great welcome bonus
  • Instant payments available
  • User-friendly betting app 
  • Available for Android and ios


  • Website is cluttery

4. 10Cric (Sports Betting App)

10 cric sports betting app

If you want to make side money, then 10Cric is the best app for you. You can bet on every sport as the sportsbook of the app is quite large and has something for everyone. One can enjoy huge bonuses and rewards with the first welcome also on the deposit count as well. You can get the most out of your betting with the best of the app. It offers live streaming options as it has a huge list of sports and esports for its users. The developer team knows how to make its users engaged in the app. Hence, they come up with the best of the esports.

Moreover, it gives a lively betting experience, as you can perform an edition in between; also, to give more flexibility, one can step out of the bet as well, but there are some terms and conditions applied. It also promises 24*7 support to its users to facilitate them. In order to have a larger base audience, they provide you with hundreds of payment options.


  • Bonus upto 150%
  • Betting bonuses
  • Super fast withdrawals


  • Wide sportsbook
  • Decent Casino
  • Ease of use
  • Attractive interface
  • High betting odds


  • Limited esports
  • No horse race betting 

5. 22Bet


This app has been catering to the wagering need of Indian punters since so many years. It has a vast audience in India because of its huge-end features. One can enjoy almost all the live streaming, betting, and chatting features in the app. You can get the most out of your betting experience with this app; it is all because of its lively features; it has so many bonuses, cashback, and rewards to offer its users.

You can even enjoy free betting a lot of times. Moreover, its betting variety is also a commendable feature, as it offers to bet on a number of sports in which games like cricket, Tennis, Kabaddi, and football are prioritized. You can take the benefits of betting on different games on just a single platform. Let’s look at its features, Pros, and cons to know more about the app 22bet. 


  • 100% Bonus on welcome
  • Easy and convenient for money deposits
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Provides best odds in the market


    • Great betting experience
    • Best for football betting
    • The mobile app functions smoothly
    • Easy payment option


  • Live betting can be improved

6. Fun88 (Sports Betting App)


Fun88 is a wagering app that has a variety of betting markets for its users. One can enjoy different sports betting with this single betting app. You can also enjoy online games and bet on them too. Its interface is designed in a way that users will get everything right in front of their eyes. The way, Fun88’s interface is designed is time savvy. One can easily bet on different sports because it comes with a huge sportsbook feature. Well, it is highly specialized for IPL wagering in India. 

Fun88 supports almost every payment option so that its users can get what they want. Its quick withdrawal facility is what makes it unique from its contrasting apps. The best part of playing with this app is that one can start with just 100 INR, which is very low. Also, they grant rewards and bonuses frequently, so one would never need to get into too much loss. Let’s check its merits and demerits to know if the app is safe for you or not.  


  • 200% bonus 
  • Huge sportsbook 
  • Welcome bonus


  • IPL betting options are there
  • Supports UPI and netbanking
  • Easy refund
  • Supports bet-in exchange


  • Cluttered interface
  • Sportsbook is a bit complicated

7. BetTilt


Bettilt is another app that has taken the Indian wagering experience to another level. One can enjoy so many features of betting in India with BetTilt. Bettilt offers live streaming and betting features to its users in every sport they like. The variety of sports in the app is huge, and one can enjoy a lively betting experience with the best user interface.

Bettilt offers easy deposit and withdrawal facilities to all its users. Its registration method is quite easy. One can enjoy a  high bonus and reward on the welcome and the first deposit. You can use Bettilt on your desktop and on your handheld device as well. Its interface is quite elegant and classy, and that has a special ability to grasp the attention of its users. You must check more of its feature to know if the app is for you or not.


    • Bonus upto 450%
    • Free bets available
    • Live betting
    • Live streaming
    • Convenient payment methods


  • Great sportsbook 
  • Better betting experience
  • Huge betting variety


  • The interface can be improved

8. BC.Game

BC.Game sports betting apps

Game is another popular app that has given so many benefits to its users. You are not even required to have so much money to get started with the best of the features. You can enjoy great bonuses and rewards in the app as it provides you with the best of the benefits when you are new to the app. It offers a wide sportsbook range and casino options as well. 

Moreover, it offers cryptocurrency in most of the transactions. It offers a live chat system to get you over any glitch. Live streaming and betting features are also available, which is why the app has become more accessible to many users. Another reason for the attraction is its interface. It has a nice interface so that one can find everything in the app with less effort. 


  • Up to 180%, bonus can be rewarded
  •  Live chat 
  • Cryptocurrency available
  • Unique reward
  • Live streaming
  • Live betting


  • Wide sportsbook
  • Amazing Casino
  • Interactive interface
  • Easy-to-navigate interface


  • High wagering requirements

9. CricBaba (Sports Betting App)


If you are so much into the security and safety of your computer data, then this site will help you in every way possible. This Cricbaba will give you high-end security; you can bet on various sports. Well, the site is new, which is why it hasn’t got so many audiences. However, its features are quite engaging; hence, it will get too many audiences in the coming time.

You can get the best of the rewards and bonuses as it offers almost 150% of the bonus on your first deposit, which is quite enough to give a new bettor. If you are a new punter in the betting world, this app will help you a lot as its user interface is so easy that one can get into it and use every feature.


  • Bonus upto 100%
  • 25+ sports
  • live casino
  • Instant UPI payments


  • Variety of virtual sports
  • Promos available
  • Soft and easy interface


  • The minimum deposit is a bit high

10. MegaPari

MegaPari sports betting apps

Do you want to make the most out of your wagering time? Then Megapari is all that you need. Megapari is a great app to get started with betting. Megapari has gained so much attention in the betting world because of its unique sportsbook. This online betting app offers almost every kind of sport to play. You can bet on any sport with this app, and the betting is also easy. You can lower the risk of money loss as it will provide you with the best of the rewards and bonuses. 

This is available for your handheld devices as well. Moreover, it is available for both Android and ios devices. Well, Megapri has too much to offer as it also offers casino games. 


  • 100% bonus
  • Largest sportsbook
  • Offers online casino
  • Unique betting features
  • Offers user-friendly features


  • Decent live betting option
  • Wide variety of sports
  • Supports esports
  • Accepts 50+ payment options


  • Not available for ios users

11. 20Bet


20Bet is an app for cricket betting that offers a lot of sports to bet on. You can get into the wagering world with so many unique features through these sports. It offers you the most effective odds and high-end features. You can enjoy so many reliable esports, gaming, and other features to the fullest. This app also provides you with an easy sign-up process and a high bonus and promotions. 

It has so many features to offer. 20Bet wagering apps have so many promotional offers through which any wager can attract to the betting. Let’s check its features, pros, and cons to know more about it.


  • Offers Casino
  • Good customer support
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Free spins available


  • Huge collection of quality games
  • Huge Casino option
  • Easy payment
  • Huge real money win


  • Gaming options can be improved

12. BlueChip.io (Sports Betting App)

BlueChip.io sports betting apps

BlueChip.io is another popular betting app that has been used by so many wagers worldwide. Its features are so mesmerizing that any bettor can get attracted to it. BlueChip.io is a betting app that supports live betting and live streaming features. Its high-end features allow you to perform live streaming and live betting. 

This way, you can simply get into the betting world without worrying much about the security and safety of your personal data. Let’s check more of its features, pros, and cons to know Bluechip.io better.


  • Huge bonus and cashback
  • High-quality rewards
  • Huge sports options
  • Bonus upto 520%
  • Free spins available


  • Fastest payment support
  • Offers Casino
  • Easy registration process
  • Supports various payment options


  • Don’t support horse betting
  • The interface can be improved


In a nutshell, we have given you a list of the top 12 sports betting app. All of the above-listed apps are proven and trusted by our experts. We have jolted the list only after using the apps. However, you can download any app from the above as all of the above apps are quite useful in generating side money and enjoying betting features. If you are still left with any doubt, you can connect us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the number 1 betting app?

So many apps are floating on the internet with the best betting features. You can use any app. We have already provided you with the list of the top 12 sports betting apps that you can use. However, the top apps are Parimatch, 1xbet, 1winappp, and Melbet. 

Q2.  Online betting apps are really worth a shot?

Yes, already so many people are wagering worldwide and making money through these apps. You can also use top betting apps for sports to make some side money for your own use.

Q3. Is betting legal?

Most countries, like India, have no legitimate laws against online betting; hence, people can bet online. But there are various countries where explicit laws are made. Therefore, you must check your nation’s law to know whether it is legal for you. 

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