Complete Review of Top 12 Best Cricket IPL Betting Apps

ipl betting app

Not to mention that cricket is considered a religion in this country but with this curtain of the sanctity of the sports, things get adventurous. In fact, cricket has turned out to be more than a billion-dollar industry in India and cricket betting has become the most popular and widely accepted sports betting market and industry in the country. India has the largest cricket betting market in the world. Recent estimations have put the number of Indian citizens getting into gambling at 140 million through IPL betting app platforms. That’s almost ten percent of the entire population.
Among these, only 25 percent have access to an internet connection and use digital betting apps. This article will discuss different cricket betting apps in the market based on the quality of their service, seamless interface, and impeccable customer service

Best IPL Betting Apps

While the illegal betting community conducts itself in the dark alleys of the country as well as on the streets and villages, formal betting conducts itself in the digital world in the form of mobile applications in a systematic manner. There are different rules, regulations, and oversight for different applications where people bet, win money, and withdraw it into their bank account.

Insofar as the business goes, the current betting industry is growing at the rate of 20% per year. A major section of this growth is fueled by the digital betting industry. At this rate, the IPL betting app industry can get to about 2 billion dollars or 14 thousand crore rupees in this country. So, natural multiple betting companies are penetrating the Indian markets. Here are 12 of the best such companies:

1. GG.Bet


Firstly, the GGBet is the best IPL betting app that has captured the lion’s share of the betting market. The platforms mainly cater to Esports fans who rely on top-notch user interfaces for seamless interaction. Over the years, the GGBet has proven itself and stamped itself among the esports gambling community.

Bet apps can have features for live streaming, sports betting, casino games, news, statistics, etc. One of the biggest perks of the website is the mobile-friendly approach and making it accessible to people who do not have access to any personal computer. 


  • Offer Esports like Dota 2, Starcraft 2, etc.
  • Mobile-friendly approach to its interface.
  • Availability of traditional sports like cricket, soccer, etc
  • Access to numerous casino games


  • Customer support is 24×7 available.
  • Assistance is available in multiple languages.
  • The app caters to esports fans. 
  • It offers sports alongside casino gambling opportunities. 
  • Customer support is approachable through live chat, email support, and voice-based channel.
  • The apps are available for Android and iOS users.


  • The interface is cluttered with a bad color scheme.
  • Live streaming is limited to some sports.
  • Sports betting is also limited. 

2. Betway


If there was an IPL betting app that is unquestionable for its service, it is this app. They have proven their mettle in this industry with outstanding betting alternatives and a stupendous in-play gambling platform. Betway is accessible and universal for all players whether you are an amateurish beginner to a professionally experienced digital better who knows the ins and outs of the industry. 

Betway India offers a massive variety of games for you to bet including cricket, kabaddi, tennis, horse racing, and other sports. 


  • This is one of the IPL apps that is accessible to both experts and beginners.
  • The game includes cricket, kabaddi, tennis, and horse riding.
  • The payment system is flexible.
  • Singing bonuses or welcome discounts are available. 


  • Huge range of sporting events to bet on.
  • The IPL betting app is Indian-themed.
  • The bonus packages are lucrative.
  • Localized promotional offers are available. 
  • Global sponsorship.
  • The IPL online betting app is available for Android and iOS platforms.


  • There is no voice process assistance.

3. 4rabet


Next, we have the 4rabet which is considered a new kid on the block. This is one of the new IPL betting sites and gaming platforms developed in India which has managed to capture the market space in a short amount of time. This app was created to cater to the Indian audience and is one of the rarest gaming platforms which you can bet in rupees rather than in any other currency.

Like all other apps, it hosts a ton of games that are popular in India, especially cricket, Kabaddi, tennis, horse racing, and various other sports. This IPL online betting app is available on both Android and IOS platforms.


  • User-friendly site and creatively advanced.
  • Enhances user interface and user experience.
  • The payment system is flexible with net banking and cryptocurrency. 
  • Only caters to Indian audiences.


  • Stress on Indian bettors only.
  • Best betting app for cricket. 
  • Multiple language support for different users.
  • Online live casinos for betting. 


  • One of the few legal betting sites in India to not enjoy a good reputation among the counter community. 
  • Customer service is not responsive enough. 

4. Maharaja Fortune

ipl betting app maharaja betting app

Likewise, Maharaja Fortune is the new entry into the market of IPL betting sites in India. But the company with its service and the quality of the website has managed to conquer the community of online betters. There are numerous factors to this rise namely the smooth and seamless user interface and the enhanced user experience. 

The Maharaja fortune is a laser focus on the cricket betting market but it also has a gigantic stock of casino games. There are a total of five thousand games available on the site. 


  • The app offers an easy sportsbook.
  • Seamless user interface.
  • Over five thousand are available.
  • The app is currently focused on cricket betting.


  • The app caters to Indian audiences.
  • The solid stock of sportsbooks. 
  • Customer support is available 24×7.
  • Casino games are top-notch.
  • The payment system is flexible.
  • The homepage interface is good.
  • They allow kabaddi betting as well. 


  • The company is licensed to Curacao.
  • No live streamings are available.
  • The only cricket betting app not to have an app. 

5. Crickex 


Furthermore, we have Crickex which is one of the betting sites in India that has captured the online betting industry that not only focuses on cricket betting but also on other sports as well. The app has top-notch casino gaming platforms but is currently regulated by Curacao Gaming Commission. 

Thankfully the app transacts in the Indian National Rupees and saves billions of dollars worth of assets in this currency. Customer service is available 24×7 and ready to get you assistance. 


  • You can bet on live cricket matches.
  • The casino gaming interface is good. 
  • Customer care is 24×7 available. 
  • You do not have to risk your money to bet. 


  • The website interface is comprehensive.
  • The customer care chat feature is 24×7 available.
  • You can bet on live sporting and casino games.
  • Curacao Gaming Commission regulates the game.
  • Multiple referrals and bonus opportunities are there.
  • Services are available in languages like English and Bengali. 
  • The app offers cricket betting tips. 


  • The app is not available for Apple iOS. 
  • The list is hard to discern and therefore harder to play. 

6. Bet365 


Apart from the above, Bet365 is the best IPL betting app that is leading the current gambling market. Like bet in exchange, it offers massive ranges of sports to bet on and has accrued millions of people as a customer base worldwide. The app has managed to conjure up confidence and trust among the customer because they are growing rapidly as a company. 

Bet365 not only provides great options in traditional sports but also in horse racing and casino games. The company also provides massive betting opportunities in live-streaming matches. The unique selling point of this company is that it also provides live betting options for football and horse racing as well. 


  • The IPL win betting app has millions of people as customers.
  • It is considered as the best online betting app in India.
  • Betting is available for live streaming.
  • There are numerous payment systems available.


  • Their reputation is top-notch among bettors.
  • The app uses Indian rupees as currency.
  • Sports games are live streams.
  • Cricket betting has many opportunities.
  • There are numerous live-betting options. 


  • Reports of winners are limited. 

7. 1xBet 


If anyone is looking for an IPLwin app with immense competitive odds of betting, an impeccable userbase, and a flexible payment system, then 1xBet is the site for them. 1xBet is a company that has networks pervasive throughout the industry to seek and aggregate competitive markets with odds and more return on investment on the money that you bet.

1xBet stands out from its competitors in every aspect where they keep one eye on the current trends and move ahead of the trend in every aspect. 


  • Considered as the best apps in the market.
  • Competitive betting is available.
  • Live streaming for multiple sports.
  • The payment system has multiple alternatives. 


  • Communication languages are available in Hindi.
  • A single-wallet gambling system is available.
  • Betting with high odds is available.
  • There are lots of cricket betting options. 
  • Thriving international management. 


  • Customer service is not always available.
  • The website interface is cluttered and needs improvement.
  • Not considered as trustworthy as other players in the market. 

8. PariMatch


Are you in search of one of those IPL apps which have focused lasered on cricket betting? Then PariMatch is the right one for you. According to industry experts, Parimatch is top-notch when it comes to betting options and virtual sports. Additionally, the company has numerous options for live streaming as well as television. 

The unique selling point of Parimatch is that it is focused solely on cricket but it also does not falter at other gaming services. The game provides live betting opportunities with excellent advantageous odds for other IPL betting apps in this country. 


  • Variety of sports betting options like cricket and horse racing.
  • Focused on cricket betting.
  • Slot machines and casino games are available.
  • Welcome bonuses are available. 


  • Lucrative welcome bonus for both sports and casino games. 
  • The range of sports available is diverse.
  • The market odd spectrum is broad.
  • A wide range of casino games are available.
  • The payment and deposit method is smooth. 
  • Customer service is available 24×7. 
  • User-friendly website is available for both Android and iOS. 


  • There are no streaming features for live events. 
  • The website interface needs improvements.
  • The loading speed is low. 

9. WinDaddy 

WinDaddy IPL betting app

When it comes to a selection of the top app, WinDaddy is the best IPL betting app to come out in 2020 with its services and interface, particularly for the Indian audience. The app not only features traditional games but also casinos and live streaming services where you can bet in real-time. 

The company understands that Indian cricket is one of the lucrative markets in the country and makes every attempt to make cricket betting a seamless procedure without any hassle. WinDaddy has a range of thirty sports to bet on and over a thousand games to participate in on the platform. 


  • Over 30 different sports to choose from.
  • Over 1000 different casino games.
  • The app is mainly focused on cricket betting.
  • The welcome bonus is lucrative. 


  • Caters specifically to the Indian audience
  • Great cricketing betting options. 
  • Several discount options and welcome bonuses are available.
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS-based devices. 
  • Customer support is available 24/7. 
  • The banking process of Indians is easy to use. 
  • High-quality casino games. 


  • The company is licensed in Curacao.
  • Account creation is necessary for accessing the sportsbook. 
  • There’s no feedback section. 

10. 10Cric

10Cric (Online Betting Apps)

And again we have 10Cric which is one of the most premium IPL online betting app collections in the current market, founded solely to cater to the Indian audience. Since they do so their prime focus is cricket and kabaddi and other sports which are popular in the Indian subcontinent. 

10Cric is equipped with modern encryption technology which is being used to prevent data leaks and other cyber breaches that be detrimental to the customers. 10Cric boasts of a lucrative weekly roaster of houses and promo codes. 


  • Weekly lucrative promotions.
  • Fully encrypted model to stop cyber attacks.
  • Almost all the sports are available.
  • A variety of payment methods are available. 


  • Exclusively catering to the Indian market.
  • A wide range of sports are available to bet on. 
  • Lucrative welcome bonuses.
  • The app offers huge weekly bonuses like cashback and discounts.
  • Indian-oriented payment facilities. 
  • The payout system is smooth. 
  • More than two thousand and three hundred casino games are available.
  • It is available for Android and iOS-based devices. 


  • The facilities are not available for people outside India. 

11. Exchmarket

Exchmarket ipl betting app

In particular, the Exchmarket is an online betting app that provides top-notch with a laser focus on IPL 2023. The app is designed specifically to target live-streaming audiences and let them vote in real-time. Quite interestingly, there are various facilities including a cash-out option and other promotional offers on the application. 

From the perspective of IPL, this IPL online betting is one of the most lucrative platforms for bettors because of its highly competitive betting and gambling odds. The betting process is easy and flexible; users can bet on the outcome of the match and the outcome of the tournament. 


  • Flexible betting environment.
  • The payment facility is diverse.
  • The registration process is simple.
  • The app focuses on cricket games. 


  • Wide range of games from the top and trusted providers.
  • The website is secured through encryption. 
  • Popular Indian methods of payment are visible.
  • The bonuses are generous and lucrative.
  • Customer support is available 24/7 through all methods such as voice process or chat process.
  • Third-party participants undergo screening processes.
  • Regular upgradation and addition of games. 
  • Licenses and regulated by the government of Curacao.
  • High-quality gameplay experience with a smooth interface.


  • There are no mobile applications.
  • You have to bet high amounts to get access to certain bonuses.
  • There are restrictions on some payment methods. 

12. Bettilt 

Bettilt ipl betting app

Finally, we have Bettilt which was founded in 2016 and because of its high-quality service has captured the imagination of the online betting community. The IPL online betting app allows for the linking of the unified payment system to be connected with the registered account thus allowing for smoother transactions. 

In fact, Bettilt has facilities to not only trade Indian National Rupees but also through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. All the partakers are entitled to a welcome bonus. In addition to that, the app has numerous bonuses and weekly promotions.


  • Trading is also done through cryptocurrency. 
  • You can link your digital wallets with this app. 
  • Fair odds betting in various sports.


  • Multiple bonuses and weekly promotions are available.
  • They have a vast portfolio of games.
  • They provide for winning bets and spins.
  • The interface is engaging.
  • Casino games are over 75. 
  • Payments systems are flexible. 


  • Customer care service needs improvement.
  • The initial betting deposit is high. 

How Should You Choose the Best Cricket Betting App?

Generally speaking, Indian Premier League is all the rage and created a multi-billion dollar industry. So naturally the IPL betting sites want in on this party. There are multiple betting companies providing massive services and facilities for using their service. But should you choose them? There are some points to keep in mind, which are as follows: 

Compatibility and security of the app

For searching for the perfect IPL betting sites in India, you have to first check whether the app is compatible with your systems or not. For both Android and Apple smartphone users, there are some apps or others which are not available and compatible with their respective systems. 

Also, you must keep in mind whether those applications are safe or not. Even the best IPL betting app is not encrypted and may be prone to data breaches and cyber hacking. So make sure you are looking for the lock icon or the HTTPS icon on the website’s URL bar. 

Compare the features and offers

Always compare the features of different companies before you go ahead with installing an application. Not every IPL betting app has the same set of features. Make sure you choose an app that has a vast roster of games for you to play and bet. If you want live streaming for yourself, then you must check whether your app has that feature.

Many IPL win betting apps have generous and lucrative joining bonuses. Many have weekly promotions. But there are processes about how you can claim them. Make sure your app has fast and flexible payment procedures. 

Read the reviews and the ratings of other users

To point out, read reviews of different sites and industry experts available on the internet. There are tech magazines that also publish about these apps which can help you decide which app to use and which might not be suitable for you. 

Go for social media community groups and ask for their recommendations before deciding to go for one. 

Try out the app before committing

In reality, there are apps that let you try their features for free till a certain point in time such as a month or so. Use that opportunity to explore their features and benefit before committing to one app. If the IPL betting app turns out not to be the one you want, you can always quit whenever you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Which is the best site for betting in IPL?

There are numerous IPL betting app companies out there ready to provide their roster of various sports, casino games, and live streaming. They also provide promotions and bonuses. So, you must choose what is appropriate for you. 

Q2. Which is the No 1 trusted betting app in India?

Betway is considered the most trusted IPL win betting app in the country. The application’s unquestionable dominance is maintained by its top-notch interface, vast and diverse gaming options, top-class betting opportunities, and so on. 

Q3. How do people bet on IPL?

Any kind of IPL betting occurs through a roster of sports gaming lists called sportsbooks. The betting starts even before the match tournament starts with fans betting on who will win the tournament. The bets are also placed on coin tosses and wickets as well.

Q4. How do I legally bet on IPL?

There are multiple legal betting sites in India where you can participate and place bets during live tournaments. These are heavily regulated and have trading licenses. 


All things considered, cricket betting is a risky activity and can be rewarding if you manage to predict and bet on the correct entity. Cricket betting can bring you satisfaction, entertainment, and money if you manage to win and these legal betting sites in India can help you win these bets with ease. Many of these sites have generous bonuses and promotions which can increase your wins as well as cushion your losses.

However, one should be prudent of the losses and dangers of addiction that can happen along the way. No IPL betting app is technically unsafe but make sure to read the terms and conditions before you sign up for anything.

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