How To Bet on Boxing: A Complete Guide For 2023

how to bet on boxing

Are you a fan of boxing? Does each boxing punch excite you? Boxing is such a game of anger and simultaneously fun when interlinked with money. Imagine winning money over every prediction of yours. Well, we are here to simplify this statement and break down the slack of choosing betting apps for boxing. In this guide, we are going to light up on how to bet on boxing and the top betting apps for boxing, along with expert tips and strategies for betting to boost your betting journey.

What is Boxing Betting And How To Bet on Boxing?

how to bet on boxing fights

As the betting market is expanding in the world. Hence, people started betting on the boxing game as well. In boxing, there are only three results that can come out after the fight. One is the winning situation of any player. And the other is the draw when no one wins. This is how the betting works, and bettors bet. A bettor has to choose anyone in the situation and carry forward with betting; if the chosen situation gets real, then that person will win the winning rewards.   

How To Place a Bet on Boxing Online?

How To Place a Bet on Boxing Online

Every betting site has the same way to bet. Hence, we are covering common steps to get into the bet and get started with the betting. Let’s check what are the steps that can help you:

Step 1: Choose a betting Ste

First, you are required to choose a reliable betting site. Ensure the betting site is working and trustable. Moreover, you can choose any of the betting sites from the list given below.

Step 2: Download and Install

When you have chosen the site, you are required to download it. You can just click on their official website and download the app. After that, you are required to get along with the installation process. 

Step 3: Setup 

When you are done with the installation, you can go for the setup and account settings in the app. Login with your details and set up your account on the app. Moreover, you are also required to add your bank account and add money to your wallet. Additionally, you must not forget about collecting the welcome bonus. 

Step 4: Bet & Win

Now, you just have to find a betting section for boxing. After that, choose a match and bet on any of the three most likely situations. Wait for the match to end and win your reward. 

Top Betting Sites For Boxing Bets

American betting market, especially for boxing, gets an infinite expansion every year. Hence, choosing a site for betting can be overwhelming for those who are new in the field. Well, we are coming up with a list of the top 10 betting sites that can actually be helpful in cutting the slack of choosing the best betting site. We are listing the top 10 betting sites that are 100% reliable and worth a shot because of the wide range of features.

1. BetMGM


BetMGM is a legitimate betting platform that has grown drastically in the past few years.  This platform has been reliable and trusted by many users since its release.  It has a wide range of sports and shows one of the best odds in the market. Moreover, the platform has many features to offer, such as welcome bonuses, online casinos, payday cashback, first-bet offers,  and other rewarding bonuses. YOu must visit their official website for more betting information. 

If you are a fan of dice and casino games, then this platform will reliably help with that, too. For information about dice games, you must check our guide on Dice games.


  • Reliable 24X7 Customer Support
  • Includes MMA Betting Options
  • Live Streaming & Betting Option.
  • $1000 cashback offer.
  • 500+ Online Games 


  • Lacks statics
  • Bonuses are also limited for some states.

2. FanDuel


FanDuel is another legalized betting option you can use for boxing betting. If you are looking to expand the ground of betting in boxing, then this app or platform for betting can serve your needs; this platform has the bets bonus offers in the market and incorporates various features to uplift the entertainment of its bettors. Additionally, it includes a wide range of games for bettings. Hence, every bettor can find a way into it. 


  • Available in various locations
  • Different betting types are available
  • Easy interface and design
  • Good bonuses and rewards
  • Reliable and trusted


  • Lacks live chat
  • Online casino is not available 

3. Caesars


Caesars is one of the leading companies to bypass other giants in the betting industry. It has the best bonus and rewards program. Its user-friendly interface will reward you with a $1000 bonus on your welcome. With its unending list of online games, it also offers you online casino options. Moreover, its odds and sportsbook section is also unmatched by every other betting site. 


  • Best rewards and bonuses
  • Easy interface and design
  • 24/7 Customer support


  • A bit outdated apps
  • High minimum deposit

4. Barstool 


If you are looking for a betting platform that has unparalleled design and is reliable, then you can go with Barstool. It is not much known in the betting market but is gaining an audience worldwide. It offers a range of benefits in terms of bonuses and rewards. Barstool has live streaming options which enable you to have an outstanding experience in betting. You must check Barstool’s official website to get to know more about it.


  • Good reward and bonus
  • Best betting odds in the market
  • Live betting option available
  • Offers a dynamic range of betting


  • The user interface is not that enticing
  • lagging issues with the app

5. BetRivers 


If you want the best boxing betting odds, then this betting platform can resolve your problem by offering the best odds in the market. BetRivers also offers a casino and that too of quality experience. Its bonus and reward reliability is another key aspect of why people choose this platform. Additionally, its customer support is also kind and helpful. Players who are looking to sell their bets at a good price are welcome here, however, those who are looking for new features must check other platforms.


  • Fine payout and rewards
  • Huge welcome bonus
  • Enticing rewards
  • Reliable customer support
  • Efficient betting sessions


  • A bit outdated website
  • Juice on players is high
  • High first deposit

6. Bovada


Bovada is a legit gambling platform that offers you unending benefits and rewards. One can enjoy a seamless betting experience and win high-end rewards. This gambling has too much to offer. From a wide range of games to the dynamic range of rewards on welcome, on first bet, etc.

Moreover, its low wagering requirements are another key aspect that is able to attract an audience to the platform. Another exciting element that Bovada has to offer is the outstanding boxing betting odds.


  • A dynamic range of sports categorized
  • $750 Crypto Welcome Bonus
  • Low Wagering Requirements
  • Live betting options are available 
  • Live streaming available


  • Tricky to use some time for new users

7. MyBookie


MyBookie is another one-stop destination for all your gambling needs and betting requirements. You can use different bonuses and rewards to uplift your game. It is America’s trusted casino and gambling platform. Its interface and design are also easy to understand. You can simply get started with your betting journey as the first deposit amount is quite less, and one can enjoy being in gambling. If you are struggling with how to bet on boxing easily then its simple UI design will help you.


  • Low Wagering Requirements
  • Wide Variety of eSports Betting Options
  • 50% bonus of up to $1,000
  • 200 unique proposition bets
  • Includes popular cryptocurrencies


  • Age limit
  • Uncertain bonus codes

8. BetOnline


BetOnline has established itself as one of the top-notch platforms for betting, specifically in boxing. One can simply go through the website as it is easy to understand and use. Its user interface enables newbies to get into the gambling world. With a profound experience in the field, BetOnline introduces a variety of sports and casinos to its audience. Its rewards are also enticing for the new users. Let’s check its pros and cons to know more about it. 


  • A range of Casino games
  • $ 1,000 Bonus for every player
  • The dynamic range of promotion in every gambling form.
  • Mobile-friendly app and interface
  • Furious crypto payments
  • Competitive odds and a great market


  • The bonus on the first deposit is less
  • Casino bonuses are not that enticing.


Sports is another legitimate platform for betting on boxing. You can get into its website for a better interface, or you can download the app. Moreover, its interface is appreciated as its customer support. Our experts have tested their customer support. It works 24/7, and the executives are supportive.

Furthermore, this app’s working format is specially designed to double your money. The best part of using this platform is that it takes very little time for payouts and supports unending payment options for every bettor. You can also use your cryptocurrency in it.   


  • Dynamic range of sports and casino games
  • Allows cryptocurrencies 
  • Payout times are very low.
  • Free betting contests.
  • Huge bonuses and rewards.


  • High requirements for bonuses
  • All casino games are paid
  • MInimum deposit is high

10. BetAnySports



Are you an experienced bettor and looking for a single platform where you can enable your betting experience in various games? Then, this platform can help you out. This platform has a variety of games to bet on. You can simply access the platform through their website or app. Moreover, this platform also provides you with the extended benefits of high-end rewards and huge bonuses.  You can check its official website for more information about it.


  • Crypto deposit: available
  • Mobile offers are unmatched
  • Great for casino and boxing
  • Dynamic betting options


  • 24/7 service is not available
  • Payment options are limited

Boxing Betting Tips and Strategies

Boxing Betting Tips and Strategy

If you want to excel in boxing betting, then here are some tactics through which you can be at the forefront of your gambling journey. Let’s check working tips and strategies to boost your betting experience. 

Do Background Research

Background research is one of the most important tips that you can use in betting for boxing specifically. Knowing the player you are betting on is important. One must check the history of the player, his potential, power, weight, and other fighting spirit. If you are fond of boxing, then you must know what is important for boxing. 

Sideline Your Emotions

Another tip that you can use is sidelining your emotions. It is important to sideline emotions as you are required to best as per the rationality. Suppose there is your favorite boxer fighting in the ring, but the opponent is much stronger than him, and your favorite player has the chance to lose the fight. Hence, in this kind of fight, you are required to make decisions rationally. 

Focus on Popular Boxing Markets

To make your rewards and winning amounts huge, you are required to focus on the apps and platforms you are using. You must go for the market which has high-end rewards, odds, and a good market. A good market has the scope to let you win a huge amount in betting. 

Comparative Analysis of Fighters

Another tip that you can use while betting. You must compare the boxers and then make a rational decision. If you find both are completely eligible for the win, then also you can choose the draw option. Moreover, you must compare and take a look on their historical background. You must compare their previous matches and the performances of both players in the last few months. 

After knowing strategies for how to bet on boxing, If you think that you are getting addicted to gambling or betting to provide instant results in terms of money and you want to look for ways through which you can drop betting, then our guide on how to stop gambling will help you to stop your addiction.

Types of Boxing Bets

types of boxing betting

To be ahead in boxing betting, one needs to follow the above tips and strategies. Moreover, knowing the types of betting in the boxing world can also help you to adjust to the boxing betting world. So, let’s check the type of bet that you can use in betting: 

1. Outright Winner / Moneyline Odds

The Moneyline odds are too simple and straightforward. In this type of bet, one just needs to select the winner and sit back to watch the match. After the match is completed, if your prediction becomes true, then you will get your winning reward.

2. Round Betting

Round betting is another type of boxing betting that enables you to explore the betting journey by letting you bet rounds. In this type, the bettor needs to predict the winner of every round if your prediction comes true. 

3. Method of Victory

MEthosd of victory is especially for experienced ones. In this kind of bet, the bettor is required to predict the way the match gets closed, or you can say the way through which the winner got the victory. If your prediction comes true, then you are all set to get your reward credited to your wallet. 

4. Total Rounds

Unlike other betting odds, this type of betting includes the bettor to predict the rounds. Whether more rounds are going to happen or it will end before the predetermined set of rounds as per the boxing sportsbook. This is also a very easy and efficient way to uplift your gambling journey.

5. Knockdown Betting

As the name of this type of betting explains, if you bet on the player who scores the knockdown during the match, then you will win the amount. Regardless, the player who wins the match. This sort of bet excites the bettors and enables bettors to boom their betting experience. 

6. Draw-No-Bet

This is one of the safest ways to bet as it involves fewer risks and danger of money loss. In this kind of bet, you are required to choose the winner, and if your player doesn’t win, the match comes as a result of the draw. Then, the bet also becomes void. This way, the chances become less to lose the betting amount.

Is Betting on Boxing Legal?

Yes, betting is legal in the United States. However, there are many concerns about the legitimation of gambling in the state. For your information, there are various sports that are legal for betting in the states, and boxing is one of them. But here is what you need to note: various other sports bets are not legalized, such as poker and casino games.  If you are concerned about whether boxing betting is legal in your location, then you must check our detailed list of states where gambling is allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to bet on boxing fights?

If you are searching for an answer to how to bet on boxing, then here is the solution. YOu can simply open any app or platform for gambling that offers you boxing. You must choose the game and add money for betting. Choose your situation to bet on and bet upon that.

Q2. How do you bet on boxing rounds?

In this kind of bet, the bettor needs to bet according to the boxing round. One has to bet on every round happening and choose which player is going to win in this round. This way, there are more chances to explore betting in boxing.

Q3. How to win a boxing betting match?

You need to follow specific tips and strategies to win the betting battle in boxing. One is required to go for the majority decision. Make sure you are following boxing for a certain period, and you must know about the players who are boxing in the ring. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision. 


In the above guide, you can go through various ways to perform betting on your favorite game. The sports betting world is frequently booming, and one needs to be in it to manage the cash flow. Hence, betting in boxing comes into the picture. We have given you different sites and platforms. You can choose any of the given sites to uplift your gambling experience and earn high-end rewards. Hope the query of “How to bet on boxing?” has been resolved.

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